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Mickey W. Mantle

Managing the Unmanageable

Mickey W. Mantle

Dmitry Sergeev|Дмитрий Сергеев

Parallel Programming Technologies and Intel Software Products

Dmitry Sergeev, Igor Vorobtsov, Maxim Shevtsov

Nikita Efimov|Никита Ефимов

Interface Design Basics

Nikita Efimov, Yuri Vedenin

Valentin Makarov|Валентин Макаров

Valentin Makarov


Andrey Ivanov|Андрей Иванов

Andrey Ivanov

COO, JetBrains
Deputy Director, Department of Mathematics and Information Technologies, SPbAU RAS

Dino Esposito

Dino Esposito

Technical evangelist

David Garlan|Дэвид Гарлан

David Garlan

Carnegie Mellon University

Mickey W. Mantle

Mickey W. Mantle

Wanderful, Inc.

Alexander Tormasov

Alexander Tormasov

Professor, MIPT
Chief Scientist, Parallels

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Crowdsourcing for banking: how to engage 20K emploees?

In this talk I’ll tell how we do crowdsourcing platform for Sberbank – the largest intra-corporate crowdsourcing project in Europe (22,000 participants; 18,000 ideas and suggestions; 26,000…

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Log Analysis with Splunk

This talk covers analysis of distributed web server error logs from the SAP.com website with Splunk, enterprise tool for dynamic log analysis, visualization and reports. Points included in the…

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Developing a system to automatically inject cryptographic protection into already compiled iOS apps

Today, many developers are facing the issue of how to secure their iOS applications’ content. This report gives you an insight into a solution that makes compiled applications safer and reduces…

Interview with Andrey Ivanov, JetBrains COO

Interview with Dmitry Trub, Deutsche Bank

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