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Functional Reactive Programming: from Natural User Interface to Natural Robotics Behavior

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In this paper, we consider using reactive functional programming techniques in F#. We share our experience of using those techniques in developing natural user interface based on Kinect and Leap Motion sensors, and in controlling TRIK robotics toolset, and describe the project of a robotics platform, remotely controlled by gestures. We demonstrate how nicely reactive functional programming can be implemented on multiple platforms using F# programming language, and how streams of events can span boundaries of an isolated system in distributed environment.

Dmitry Soshnikov

Dmitry Soshnikov|Дмитрий Сошников

Lecturer, Microsoft / Higher School of Economics

Dmitry Soshnikov is a Technology Evangelist at Microsoft Russia, whose main objective is to unleash the beauty and simplicity of using Microsoft technologies and .NET platform for both university studies and for the real world projects. In addition to his work at Microsoft, Dmitry is also an Associate Professor at Moscow Aviation Institute and Higher School of Economics. He has a PhD on Distributed Intelligent Systems, and has more than 60 publications in the area, among which a popular book Funictional Programming using F# (the first book on F# language from the Russian author), textbook Logic Programming Paradigm. He is a member of Russian Association for Artificial Intelligence.

Another Dmitry’s interest is involving children into creative activities using computers: he is an advocate of using Microsoft technologies for that, being a teacher of JUNIO-R child camp, as well as invited speaker at Computeria. He also likes and practices micromagic and modern IT-based magic.


Iakov Kirilenko

Lecturer, SPbSU & CyberTech Labs

Scientific Secretary of the Software Engineering (Systems programming) Department of St. Petersburg State University and is directly responsible for the annual Summer Computing School, organization of students’ projects and coursework, and cooperation with companies. A specialist in the field of software development with a 10-year experience in leading scientific-intensive projects in a variety of subject areas, including system software. with strong interests in robotics and in love with F#.


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