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Effective analysis of user behavior using software process mining

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Process mining allows to construct, to analyze, and to improve process models of information systems based on their behavior recorded in event logs. In the talk a concrete case of information system analysis considered based on the dealing with user behavior logs. Revealed problem types are shown. Generalized experience of software process mining application might be useful for software engineers and system analysts.

Alexey Mitsyuk

Alexey Mitsyuk|Алексей Мицюк

Analyst, Laboratory of Process-Aware Information Systems (NRU HSE)

Data analyst at the International Laboratory of Process-Aware Information Systems (HSE). Alexey is graduated from Moscow State Institute of Electronics and Mathematics in 2009. He worked as software developer and system engineer in industry. He has his position in PAIS Lab from the beginning of 2013. In the Lab he is working on process mining algorithms, data- and process- analysis and visualization. Link to HSE page: http://www.hse.ru/en/staff/amitsyuk


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